Stained Glass Doors by KATGLASS: The Stained Glass Studio of Clearwater, Florida. KATGLASS has been creating stained glass doors for over 30 years.  Stained glass doors not only provide beauty and originality to your home, but privacy as well.  Adding stained glass to your entry door has several benefits.  You can let more natural light into your home while still controlling the heat coming in by choosing certain colors.  Privacy is also a factor for some people.   Stained glass doors can be designed from a variety of glass textures and colors, each providing their own degree of privacy and light control.

You may also want stained glass doors on the inside of your home.  Most people have already seen kitchen cabinets with some sort of stained glass inserts.  It is a chance to customize your kitchen while showcasing some of your favorite dishes or pottery.  Pantry doors are good places for this, as they can have a wide variety of colorful designs to compliment the interior of your home, plus they hide things- your canned goods, cereal boxes, and garbage bags are all out of view in an eye pleasing way!  If you have a home office, we can custom design a door with all clear glasses that are heavily textured which will allow light to pass while distorting the view of the objects behind the door.

Prices of stained glass doors vary greatly.  It is determined by things such as the finished panel size, how intricate the design is (more pieces = more labor intensive), and the type of glasses you choose.  We will work with you to arrange to have a template made, old door or glass removed if needed, and brand new custom panel of your dreams installed!

Please contact us at 727-786-7070 to have KATGLASS, the Stained Glass Studio create the door of your dreams!