A little about the process:

Fused glass sinks fall into the warm glass category, which is when compatible glass sheets and decorative bits also known as frit, stringers and noodles, are heated together in a kiln slowly at temperatures up to 1800 degrees depending upon your desired result.  When these pieces are fused together into one flat sheet the process is called flat fusing.  This new piece of glass is then set onto the desired mold and very slowly heated to soften the glass so that it can take on the shape of the mold.  When forming glass into a mold, the process is called slumping.  When forming glass over a mold, the process is called draping.  Either way, the thicker the piece of glass, the slower the program of heating the glass to avoid thermal shock.

Once the glass has taken on the new shape, another process begins.  This is the annealing stage, and perhaps the most important step of all.  The glass is taken down to a temperature of around 960 degrees and held there (also known as “soaking”) for several hours depending on it’s thickness.  This allows the glass molecules to “settle down” and de-stress if you will, which helps to strengthen the end product.   It is also crucial in the cooling down process to have control over the rate at which the glass cools back to room temperature to avoid thermal shocking the glass and having it crack.

These are just the highlights of the glass fusing process, but the process is the same for all projects however large or small they may be.  Here at Katglass we take great pride in our glass creations.  We want you to be as proud to own them as we are to have made them!

These vessels must have a consistency in thickness and a flat bottom. A typical thickness ranges from ½ inch to ¾ inches. Once formed, these glass forms need to have a hole drilled in the bottom. The drilled hole usually has a beveled rim to allow the drain to rest level with the glass.

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Fused Glass Art to include bowls, sinks, and vessels are not only beautiful, but functional as well! Our one of a kind fused art glass pieces are handmade in our KATGLASS studio and can be installed as custom glass sinks, vases and pendant lighting. While we love to focus design and coloration to suit ones individual taste and decor, we also have several examples for sale in our studio’s gallery. The custom creation and conception process includes one on one client consultation, (on site if necessary), design and coloration, glass cutting, fitting and then, over 50 hours in kiln firing and annealing with temperatures up to over 1500 degrees.  And we will also take care of installation when necessary to ensure that your custom fused art glass will be enjoyed for years to come!