Hi! I’m Sophia Amorginos.

I won’t tell you how old I am, but I am the most tenured employee with Katglass: The Stained Glass Studio. I have lost count of the exact number of years that I have been here, but, I was here “BR” (Before Rick) . Me, Kathleen and Scott were the first to put a sledgehammer to the wall where we expanded into our new studio area!

The way I came to be an employee was totally by accident. My young granddaughter saw a unicorn in the front window of the studio, and I came in to buy it for her. My dear boss ( not at the time) said, “ why don’t take a class, and make it your self?” Like most people I was one that loved stained glass, and thought that was a brilliant idea.

Sometime later Kathleen said, “why don’t you come to work for me?” So, as they say, the rest is history.

Over the years I have done most every job here. I have taught classes, ( have made a lot of nice friends doing that), I have worked in retail sales, I have worked with suppliers ordering merchandise, I have done loads of custom work, I did the artwork back in the day, now I have bad eyes, and we have Carlos; I have done paperwork,etc. Kathleen even trust me to work with her finances.

By-the-way, our little blond bombshell, Kara was my student.

Now, after approximately 22 years, I’m told by Kat, that I go from here to the nursing home. Be careful what you wish for.

See you at The Stained Glass Studio. You’ll have fun.