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In an effort to mitigate and help contain the Coronavirus (Covid-19), all classes have been postponed until the threat of the virus has passed.

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4 week class/ $115.00 plus supplies – Includes use of studio tools (while in class) During this 4 week class each student will have the chance to learn and apply every step needed to complete a small leaded glass panel. Skills to Learn: Safety in Glass Glass Cutting with a strip cutter Lead building and application Soldering Finishing techniques Supplies:  Approximately  $50.00

1 – 8 X 12” piece of glass
1          Bevel Kit :
2          1×1”
3          1×2”
1          1×3”
2          1×5”
1          #105 ¼” Lead Came
1          #104 7/32” Lead Came
1          60/40 Solder
1          Container paste flux and brush
1          Black Patina
2          Hooks

Consumables: Paper towels, Cotton Balls, Q-tips, Alcohol, Clean Kitchen Sponge